Felis Mwambalo Mubibya is a Congolese gospel artist with a passion to reach the world through music. Following the call of God he left his home town of Bukavu, DR Congo, to travel and minister in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Kenya before making his home in Tanzania. Jipe Moyo/Take Heart is Felis’ third album, preceded by Yuko Njiani/He is on the Way, released in 2006, and Yesu ni Mungu/Jesus is God, released in 2008.

You can find out more about Felis’ music on

Jipe Moyo/Take Heart

To purchase or listen to songs from Jipe Moyo/Take Heart, click on the image above.

Yuko Njiani

Yuko Njiani:

Lord Is:

Yesu Ni Mungu

Yesu Ni Mungu:

Itengeneze Njia:


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