Felis and Lis Mubibya are missionaries with Go To Nations and have been ministering in Tanzania for a combined total of 14 years (Felis 8 and Lis 6). Both are passionate about seeing the arts and media used to glorify God and transform the cultures of East Africa in a positive way.

Felis has released three of his own albums (Yuko Njiani, Yesu Ni Mungu and Jipe Moyo) and has collaborated with over 30 other artists, contributing to the gospel music and video scene in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Australia and New Zealand. He finished his Bachelor of Applied Arts in Modern Music Ministry from Visible Music College in Lansing, IL. His goal is to use his degree to raise up a generation of worshippers who are excellent spiritually and technically, using their talents and gifts to glorify God and change their communities.

Lis worked closely with local pastors in the northern and southern regions of Tanzania her first three years in country as part of a team doing pastors training and seminars. The last three years were spent working with Pamoja Minsitries in their marketing and distribution department. Pamoja’s purpose is to disciple cultures through media.

Felis and Lis are blessed with three amazing children and look forward to serving in East Africa as a family.


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