Contemporary African Music Experience – Jipe Moyo/Take Heart is RELEASED!

“When you started singing, it was Felis singing, but the more you kept singing, we started losing you slowly and all we could see was God. The awkwardness of being one guy on stage vanished and we could just feel God’s presence.” Terry Bostick

As we were praying for the concert, my biggest prayer was that I (Felis) could disappear and that God could be manifested. When Terry told me those very word after the concert, it was a real confirmation that God was there. God blessed us with amazing people who stood with us to make sure the concert was a success. We were blessed by sponsors who designed and printed all of our posters, banners, and hand bills. They also helped us get press releases in local newspapers. The press releases in turn connected us with Lake Shore Radio 89.1 FM, located in Merrillville, where I had an interview before the concert. We also used Facebook and many more avenues to advertise. With the big way that God enabled us to promote this event we had high expectations regarding the attendance for that night.

When the concert started we still had few people in the building. As we kept going the crowd kept increasing but not to the number that we had expected. Many times it is hard for the artist on stage to see less response than what was expected and it can even limit their performance. But this is what God was telling me as I was on stage looking at the number of people in the crowd. He said to me,
“No one comes to me unless he has been called by my Father; and so the
people you see are the ones I planned to be here.”
I was very encouraged and was happy on stage as if the building was filled with thousands of people. It was a real pleasure for us to be a part of what God was doing for those He targeted.

After the concert was done people couldn’t get an easy way to define it, so the simple way they could say it was, “This was really awesome! This was great!”
We were so blessed to be a part of what God did through the Contemporary African Music Experience concert that introduced Felis’ new album, Jipe Moyo. The concert was a blessing, God’s presence really filled the place and His joy and peace was really at work.


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