The newly wed at the Reception.
La Porte Indiana USA

Some of you are still wondering if its true or not 🙂 But the answer is TRUE, that Elisabeth and I are now Husband and Wife, after being joined together in a holy matrimony on August 6, 2011 in La Porte, Indiana, United States of America. It is with so much joy that I get to inform you how sweet it was. I couldn’t notice it myself, for I was so happy and looking forward to having my wife, but for the people that came, they testified how much they’ve seen God’s presence in that Wedding ceremony and reception. Oh it was Great!

After that we went to Chicago for our lovely honeymoon, where we got to see the beauty of the place… It is amazing.

We visited all the Museums, some big restaurants, John Hancock building, Navy Pier, boat and trolley tour, and many more. Its a blessing to us and to the body of Christ.

Now that we are complete (Mr & Mrs Mubibya), let us take God’s word to the nations.

Praise God.

Eternel Covenant.
La Porte Indiana USA
La Porte Indiana USA

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