Nipe Jibu in Moshi

This last weekend Felis and I went to Moshi to show Nipe Jibu THREE times. We had two school showings and a showing at an all night youth meeting. All three venues were very receptive to the film but our second showing at the Fountain of Hope Secondary School was the best crowd we have ever had. The classroom full of secondary students was actively engaged in the film from the very beginning. I have never heard or seen so many expressions and responses throughout a film before. There were multiple times where the students erupted in cheers, gasps, laughter, or shocked chattering to where we couldn’t even hear what was being said in the movie. The students reacted the way that was hoped and envisioned when Nadine and Sig wrote the script for Nipe Jibu. We also heard a lot of comments throughout the movie about the music. The students really enjoyed the original music that was created for the movie. At a key point in the movie Felis got up and spoke with the students, encouraging them to speak with their teachers about the issues that had been raised in the movie. He spoke to them about the importance of making good decisions and being in a good relationship with Jesus. The kids swarmed Felis and I after the film, wanting copies of the movie, Sowers CDs and Tapes and wanting to talk with Felis about the music in the film. Our time with the secondary students was truly one of the best times that we have had yet. I feel very strongly that Nipe Jibu will probably be most affective with this age group. Being in school has them in the mindset of learning already. The film has a lot to teach and their minds are prepared to learn. What better time to encourage the importance of good choices and their ability to make worthwhile decisions than right now as they are thinking about what it is that they want to do with their lives.

While Felis and I were in Moshi, Kim and Jacob were in Kenya doing more showings. In this last week we had 11 shows between the two countries with over 900 people having seen the film. We are discipling cultures through media!

Here are some pictures from the Moshi showings.


2 thoughts on “Nipe Jibu in Moshi

  1. What a good report of how things went for you and Felis! I’m glad the kids in secondary were so responsive…..and that, overall, the movie is being so well received. God is touching MANY lives with it. Will you be bringing a copy home for us? I’d like to see it again.
    Love, Mom

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