Nipe Jibu in Manyire Village

On Friday, January 21, we took Nipe Jibu to a small village called Manyire just 30 minutes south of where we live. Two of our staff are from that village and set up the showing with the local church there. We have pretty much got the set-up of our movie showing components worked into a nice system. We were ready to start showing films 30 minutes after our arrival. Record timing. We started an hour and a half later with about 40 people. The crowd steadily grew until the little cinder block church was full of 170 people.

Twice during the movie our staff members, Majanta and Wilfredi, got up to explain what was going on in the movie. The movie starts out with the main character, Ndoto, getting caught up in the fear of the ancestors because of a grandmother figures influence. Majanta got up and explained that things will get bad in the movie before they get good. He told them to be patient and wait for the good that is coming. This is probably the first full length film that they have seen in this village. At the end of the film, an evangelist from the church got up and spoke to the crowd about the meaning of the film and its meaning for them. He used the examples of the grandmother who was involved in spirit worship, Ndoto who was an orphan looking for answers, and another character named Kilele who chose to follow God’s plan over what society dictated as his duty, to explain that God can meet us wherever we are. He explained that God can give us freedom from fear, that He can be our Father and that He has a plan for our lives.

It was around 10 pm when we finished and not a person had left the church. The crowd heard the gospel clearly that evening and many seeds have been planted. The people know where to go to learn more about this God who brings freedom. Please be praying for the church in Manyire. Pray for wisdom and love and they follow up with the people in their village that saw the film. Please pray for a harvest to come from this showing. We have already been invited to come back and show the film again in their village. 🙂

Please be praying for me as I organize more Nipe Jibu showings over these next couple of months. Pray for timing and favor in meeting with different churches and schools. Pray for open hearts for the viewers.

arrival and unpacking

waiting for the movie to start

crowd during the show

view midway thru the movie from a front window

a little past 1/2 way the aisle was filling up with people


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