We are discipling cultures through media…

Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks.

Nipe Jibu

Nipe Jibu has been shown 4 times since the beginning of September.
Over 600 Africans have seen the film.
10 adults and 20+ children gave their hearts to Jesus when given the chance to respond after watching Nipe Jibu.
Through giving from the local churches here in Arusha we will be able to go to do two or three village showings depending on the distance.

The response to the film so far has been amazing. Please keep praying for continued open doors to show the film and continued open hearts for all that see it.

The room filling up

The overflow area filling up

The crowd after the film (Kim at the merch table)

The Sowers Group

This month has been a public relations push for the Sowers Group.
In a week and half they had 3 radio interviews with 3 different local stations.
They performed at the Colobus Club on the 9th (the owner, Christophe) loved them – pray for continued good relationship with )
They will be performing at a the Blue Heron restaurant this Friday.
We have the Sowers working on a Christmas set for a Christmas service at our international church here in Arusha.
We hope to have them perform that Christmas set in a couple of other venues as well.

Please keep praying for more open doors for performance and good interaction with the Arusha community. We are working to get them known in our own backyard before trying to see them known across Tanzania. Please pray for wisdom and good interaction with the media in our area and around Tanzania as we continue moving forward.

Performing at the Colobus Club

At Colobus

Nikki, Shannon and I at the Colobus show

My job in general

In the midst of organizing showings of Nipe Jibu, meeting with pastors, organizing interviews and arranging gigs for the Sowers, my boss, Jacob and I have been building relationships with radio managers and club owners. Two weeks ago we participated in a radio show at Triple A FM, one of the secular stations in Arusha, and had a great time. This is the station that I have done some short audio jingles for and that offered me my own radio program. In talking with our team we see the great opportunity before us in getting a weekly spot on the radio. For this next month Jacob will be going every Friday to join the radio manager, Borry, for the Drive Time show in the afternoon.

I am excited to see our team getting involved in our area of focus as a ministry, media. There are good doors opening up. Please be praying for wisdom for good content for a weekly radio show. The same station is planning to open a television station and we have been asked to do one show. So please be praying for that also.

Borry and Jacob during the Drive Time show

You can’t see me but I am sitting next to Jacob ๐Ÿ™‚

From my personal life

On a personal note, Felis and I celebrated 1 year of being in a relationship this past Thursday (Oct 14). ๐Ÿ™‚ Things are continuing to go very well. Thanks for all of your prayers for the two of us. We definitely see God’s love, favor and grace on us. We appreciate your continued prayers. ๐Ÿ™‚

Felis and I at our friends, Simon and Joanna’s engagement party

Things are hoppin’ around here. More to come!


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