I am always intrigued by the way that seasons work here, south of the equator. We don’t have the four seasons like I grew up with in Northwest Indiana. What I find fun is that we do share April and May showers except here in Tanzania the cold season follows those showers. Instead of the grass turning brown because of the hot summer weather, it is green and lush and we wear sweaters. The season that follows our cold season is the prelude to the hot season which is a lot like autumn. The trees start to drop their leaves but not because of coming cold. They drop because of dryness (at least that is my interpretation) The weather increasingly gets hotter, leaves litter the ground and we enter a different kind of winter. Hot winter :). I enjoy see the leaves on the ground. Autumn was my favorite time of year in NWI.

One of my favorite parts of this African Autumn season is that the Jacaranda trees bloom, drop their blossoms and cover the ground with, what I call, purple snow.

Enjoy this autumn season. Celebrate the life and change that comes with each new season. Please pray for us here at Pamoja as we enter a season focused on getting Nipe Jibu out. Pray for wisdom for me and our team as we learn the system for media and marketing here in Tanzania and East Africa.


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