Movies and Music Videos

We have finished our movie!

July 11th we premiered Nipe Jibu at the Zanzibar International Film Festival ( This is the first full-feature production from Pamoja Ministries. It is a Swahili musical with a good portion of the music written and performed by our friends, the Sowers Group. I am so excited to finally have the finished product to begin showings in Tanzania and then in surrounding countries. It was so much fun to listen to the crowd interacting with the movie.


group shot


the afternoon of the premiere


our group in the Old Fort, the main venue for ZIFF, with a group of students

3 weeks after our premiere we showed Nipe Jibu in Simanjiro


Our movie works! It was so great listening and watching viewers interacted with the movie. Laughing at the right parts, warning the characters when they are stepping into danger, falling in love with the main characters and signing the songs after the movie has finished.

Please agree with us in prayer that they message of hope in this film will bring lasting change for everyone who watches it.

We have 2 NEW music videos!

Thanks to 10x Productions, the Cook family and our fabulous Arts department at Pamoja we have 2 new music videos! One for the Sowers Group and one for the En-kata Choir. As soon as they are fully edited I will be sure to post them. These 2 videos will be great promotion for CHEZA! (dance), the Sower’s second album and Hope of the Maasai, the En-kata Choir’s second album.


during the day of green screen video shooting


10x, Cook fam, the Sowers, Nadine and Sig

We are discipling cultures through media!

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