Nipe Jibu

Nadine directing a scene in Nipe Jibu
Nadine directing a scene in Nipe Jibu

In early Spring of 2008 I began praying for a project that my friend Nadine was involved in. We had met the year before and she told me she was writing a movie.

I thought, thats pretty cool, but never imagined that I would be involved with the project in any way. I found myself burdened for the project and began to pray for the making of this movie regularly. I would ask God for specific words to give to the Pamoja team and every time I shared with Nadine what I felt He was saying it confirmed the things that He was already speaking to them. I had the opportunity to go to Tengeru and help out during their cast auditions. It was exciting to see the team that God had put together: multiple cultures, east and west, working side by side. I kept praying and began taking the 2 hour bus ride from Moshi to Tengeru every couple of weekends to provide an extra hand during filming.

putting make-up on Bibi (grandmother)
putting make-up on Bibi (grandmother)

In that time I met the Sowers Group. Every week for 12 weeks they came to Pamoja with a new song for the movie. I saw God’s hand very distinctly in this project. Even with everything that went wrong (equipment failure, choreographer changes,  switching the main lead a week after shooting began, sickness, weather, props disappearing, etc.) they kept moving forward, we kept praying and God brought the filming through to completion. Through out those months of helping out at Pamoja Ministries I became passionate about their work in Christian media. Nipe Jibu (Answer Me), is a movie whose context, story line, music and choreography come from Africa and speaks to Africa.

watching the "roughcut" of Nipe Jibu after finishing filming
watching the "roughcut" of Nipe Jibu after finishing filming

When I completed my first, three year commitment in Tanzania just a month after filming ended I knew I wanted to be a part of seeing this product reach its goal. After nearly two years of post-production we have a finished product! Nipe Jibu is ready to be put on dvd. We have entered the film in the Zanzibar International Film Festival for it’s world premier.


The work with Nipe Jibu is just beginning. My job will be kicking into full gear as we work  to pave the way for this film to reach Africa in its entirety and beyond. Please pray that God will give us wisdom as we plan the marketing and distribution strategy for this product and the many more that are to come. We have a message that is reaching straight to the hearts of people through the medium of media.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? I love my job.


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