“He’s the Creator of all you can see or imagine!”

In October, my boss, Jeremy Feser, was published in Collide Magazine for his article titled, Opening Africa’s Creative Space.

“Picture this: You’re standing in one of the most remote corners of Tanzania, East Africa, in a place called O’lerumo. Around you are a few bomas (collections of huts). You’re in a Maasai village comprising maybe 200 people, living more or less in a dozen family groupings. There are no cars here. There are no wells here. There is no electricity here. There is no one here with more than a high school education, and even those who have finished elementary school are in the slim minority. You’re standing in a circle of a dozen people under a thorn tree, praying, and you’re feeling like for the first time you really understand just how nearby God is. Then a cellphone rings and a dozen Maasai reach into their shukas and pull out their phones—some of them have three—and someone apologizes and takes the call. It’s in that moment you’re reminded that the difference between “here” and “there” is not as big as it used to be….”

To finish reading this article please follow this link to the Collide website:


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