Hope Given

It has been exactly one week since we returned from the beginning of our World Hope Tour in Nairobi, Kenya. We went with an expectation for each person we encountered to understand the hope found in Jesus Christ. This expectation was met by the grace of God. Praise Jesus!

From our arrival on the 29th of July till our final concert on August 9th we had the privilege of performing in a variety of settings: primary schools, high schools, boarding schools, old folks home, early morning prayer meetings, lunch hour meetings, evening prayer services, all night prayer meetings, Sunday services, conferences, radio interviews and weddings. Each place The Sowers Group performed was exposure for the group as well as connections for Pamoja with key leaders in Nairobi. Some very good relationships have been formed and I am looking forward to seeing how God uses them to connect more people with the media I am in working to distribute here in Africa.

Ok… so here are some stories to make this a little more real.

First of all, The Sowers Group (Mike, Christelle, Oswald, Kosto, Felis and Kelvin) are an amazing group of people. Every single day was filled with MUCH laughter! I am pretty sure that Felis (the drummer) could make a living at comedy if he wasn’t already such an amazing drummer. Felis and Kosto (acoustic guitar) would play off of each other and the rest of us were fighting to catch our breath while holding our sides. With the early morning/late night pace the laughter was a great reviver throughout the days.  Oswald (main singer/older brother), who tends to be perceived as the quiet type, breaks out of that mold with over exaggerated imitations of Kelvin and Felis’ very characteristic walks.  Not sure if that sentence communicates well, but it means that each of them walks in a certain manner and you can completely pick up who Oswald is imitating when he exaggerates his steps. Needless to say one late night there was much laughter as the two guys tried to defend their strides.

Secondly, some very cool things are in place regarding the distribution of Cheza!(dance) in Kenya. We were connected with a distributor that supplies outside of Nairobi and another smaller distributor that has locations in the city and supplies to all of the churches of one of the major denominations in Nairobi.

Lastly, at a public high school the team did an acoustic set (due to lack of electricity) for about 300 students. After a few songs Mike got up and spoke them about being grateful for what they have, not to complain and be aware of the blessings that God has given them. When they closed the session two girls came up to one of the band members and said that God had really spoken to them through the music and what Mike had said. They said that their lives will never be the same again. It is amazing what a simple word and anointed music can do in the lives of people. Praise God for how He uses imperfect vessels.

Pictures from The World Hope Tour – Kenya – coming as soon as i can get my internet to upload them


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