World Hope Tour: Pamoja Ministries Presents The Sowers Group on Tour in Kenya


Arusha, Tanzania June 17, 2009
The Sowers Group will take to stages across Nairobi and beyond to share their beautiful African harmonies and rhythms from July 31st to August 9th, 2009.

The Sowers Group recently returned from their tour throughout Australia and New Zealand where they performed on 63 stages and generated sponsorships for 700 African and Asian children while promoting their new album, “Cheza (dance)”. Following their Kenyan tour, the Sowers are also planning tours in Uganda, Tanzania, France, Switzerland, and beyond.

The members of The Sowers Group have an astonishing personal story of escaping conflict and surviving war. They have moved from country to country (learning six languages along the way) and now they inspire thousands with their music and their message.

As children, Mike, Oswald and Kosto fled their hometown of Bukavu to escape war. They grabbed what possessions they could carry and set out on foot towards Kinshasa seeking safe haven. Thirty days and more than 600km later, they found themselves deep in the Equatorial Jungle, injured, held at gunpoint, and praying for their lives. Inexplicably, the bandits who held them executed others but spared the brothers. The Sowers Group believe they were delivered from that situation in order to tell the story of their people.

The Sowers’ beautiful heartfelt songs of personal triumph bring listeners a message of great hope. Not a shiny, untouchable hope, but a hope born out of hardship and determined belief. Their message will bring courage to the fearful, peace to the anxious heart, and a joy that has a way of getting the most reluctant toes tapping to the beat of their infectious African rhythms.


For more information on The Sowers Group and their Kenya tour please visit:

Pamoja Ministries has been discipling cultures through media since 1990. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Sig Feser, Pamoja has been distributing excellent teaching resources including “The Shepherd’s Staff” / “Fimbo Ya Mchungaji” and “Acts” / “Matendo” magazine to Christian leaders for over 18 years. Pamoja also oversees a biblical teaching program (ISOM) on dvd aimed at the local church. Over 1000 people throughout Central and East Africa are currently studying the five trimesters of training. In 2010, Pamoja will release “Nipe Jibu”, a full-length Swahili feature musical filmed in Tanzania. For more information about the ministry of Pamoja, contact

The new album, “Cheza (dance)” from The Sowers Group was produced and recorded by Australia’s Translator Records. The album is distributed in Africa by Pamoja Ministries, and by Translator Records in the rest of the world. Following their 2002 release “70×7” which was very well received throughout Africa, “Cheza (dance)” is the second album from The Sowers Group, and their first global release. For information contact


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