Sweet Transition

Here is a video I put together to show the transition between what I have been doing in Tanzania these last three years and what I will be doing these next three.

Just some notes to help you follow along with the video:

1. The very cool intro was not created by me even tho I wish I could say I was that talented. 🙂 It is the standard Calvary International intro. The second part with the world moving and Africa coming out of it was created by a fellow Calvary missionary, Tyler Croyle, who works in Burkina Faso.

2. In the pictures where I talk about our team growing, there is a photo with our entire team and my parents. My parents aren’t actually a part of our Tanzania team, even tho they are very much a part of ‘my’ team 🙂 I didn’t have a good picture with just our team so I used the one with them in it as well. So those of you who know my parents… no, I haven’t convinced them to move to Africa yet. I am still working on that tho. 🙂

3. The movie clip in the middle is from our conference in Mbeya this past summer. We encouraged all of the pastors to memorize 2 Timothy 2:2. That was them saying it back to us from memory.

4. I absolutely love my Pamoja family in Tanzania.  Sig and Joy have been working in Tanzania for 18 years. You can read more about their ministry on their website www.pamoja.info

5. In the picture of Jeremy & Family – Jeremy is the director of operations for Pamoja. What I couldn’t fit that slide is that his lovely wife, Christine, is the manager of Human Resources and Hospitality… which she is VERY good at. 🙂 Their fabulous childrens’ names are Jacob (3) and Natasha (1).

6. You can find out more about ISOM, International School of Ministry, online at www.isom.org

7. The Maasai group who formed the choir are called, MAPED. Pamoja just released a book documenting the work they are doing. It is amazing. You can find out more about their work and the book at www.en-kata.com

8. The Nipe Jibu logo was designed by Cynthia DeWit. She is a great designer. You can check out her work at inspireling.com

9. All of the awesome music throughout the video was by The Sowers Group. They are  a group who love Jesus and are creating and producing powerful, annointed and quality Christian music in swahili. You can see one of their music videos here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAYORfkVtpM

10. I am excited to be partnering with a ministry that is established and working relevantly within the Tanzanian and African context. I look forward to doing my part to make sure that the materials they are working so hard to create are effectively distributed in Tanzania, East Africa, and Africa as a whole.

I would appreciate your prayers as I dive in to this new work. Please feel free to comment and ask questions.


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