Pics from my Parents Birthdays – February 09

In continuation of the picture catalog from my time home, here are pictures from my mom and dad’s birthdays at the beginning of February

IMG 0526
Joy & I, at Pestos for my mom’s birthday dinner

IMG 0527 1
mom & joy

IMG 0532 1
mom & i

IMG 0533 1
me & joy

Ontario 014
joy & mom – out at Billy Jack’s for my dad’s birthday

Ontario 016
my dad & steve

Ontario 018
steve & i

Ontario 038
from my dad’s second birthday dinner

Ontario 040
we decided to match πŸ™‚

Ontario 043
mom & joy

Ontario 044
dan & joy – the second birthday dinner was so that my brother Dan could be there

Ontario 045
me & dan

Ontario 046
steve & joy

Ontario 047
steve & i – he’s learning to tolerate me πŸ™‚

Ontario 048
dad & us two girls

Ontario 049
the girls

Ontario 051
the boys

Ontario 147
dad & dan


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