Trip to Ontario

The week before my trip out west I took a road trip about six hours northeast of my parents home. I had a great time reuniting with some friends that I had met in Tanzania last year. Here are some pics from my time out there.

Ontario 069
While visiting with my friend Laura, we went for a walk to a near by waterfall.

Ontario 074
woods around the falls

Ontario 081
below the falls – the normal walkway was under water because of a recent storm

Ontario 090
me and laura – notice the icicles on the tree limbs behind/beside us

Ontario 103
with the falls – it was pretty cold

Ontario 110
on the way to Kitchener/Waterloo

Ontario 120
visiting with Brad and Angie – she had their second little one a week after our visit

Ontario 121
me and their firstborn – Boston

Ontario 136
my friend, Cynthia, with Boston

Ontario 137
me and the fam (including Quazi, their dog)

Ontario 139
me and Cynthia, at her birthday dinner

Ontario 145
scrunched in the car after her birthday dinner

Ontario 151
very cool house that we walked past after getting off the subway in Toronto

Ontario 159
inside the Royal Ontario Museum – interesting chairs

Ontario 192
one of the few living things found at this museum 🙂  the lady said i would get a sticker if i found at least ten of these frogs in the tank. i found eleven and then she mentions that only kids can get the stickers. i felt jipped 🙂

Ontario 197
“that all men may know his work” – cool ceiling in the ROM

Ontario 214
part of a display in the minerals section – i took a picture of it for our friend, Davin, who is from Namibia

Ontario 226
“queen of kilimanjaro” – from their gemstone exhibit – worlds largest faceted tanzanite (242 carats) not to mention 803 garnets & 913 diamonds – beautiful

Ontario 244
display of other gems

Ontario 249
carving made of quartz

Ontario 251
i took this pic for my mom – she loves opal

Ontario 266

Ontario 267
richard and cynthia – i made them take all kinds of silly pics that day 🙂

Ontario 274

Ontario 275
ice sculpture outside of the ROM

Ontario 279
cool building next door to the ROM

Ontario 282
part of the outside of the ROM

Ontario 286
me and cynthia posed with the same ice sculpture

Ontario 291
me and richard at ‘the rex’ – a great little place with live jazz and good eats

Ontario 297
cynthia at ‘the rex’


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