Year-end Report

“You know the saying, “Four months between planting and harvest.” But I say, wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest.” – John 4:35

The fields that we are working in here in Tanzania are ripe for harvest. Again and again, God’s promise to our team from Habakkuk 1:5, that He is going to do something amazing in our day that we wouldn’t believe even if we were told, is coming true every step of the way. I would like to highlight some of the things that God has done this past year:

* Relationships with 34 pastors in the Mtwara and Lindi regions continued

* 7 partnerships continuing around 7 unreached people groups

* New relationships established with 7 pastors in 3 key locations in Tanzania

* 14 key leaders, from 4 different regions of Tanzania, cooperating in regards to seeing churches planted among unreached peoples

* 6 new churches planted in unreached areas through the partnerships

* 72 bibles given to new and existing believers from the Wasonjo, an unreached group

* The first Mwamaraba baptized by one of our key pastors

* Church planter training in process

God‘s love is moving through this nation. We are blessed to be His hands and feet here. There is such a stirring in our hearts for what God has in store for 2008. Following is the direction that we, as a team, believe God is leading us in for this next year.

* Focus on three key regions – Kilimanjaro/Longido, Mtwara/Lindi, Mbeya

* 3 vision casting conferences, bringing awareness to the need to reach out to unreached people groups

* 3 church planter trainings, equipping the ones being raised up from our partnering churches, that will be going out to plant churches among unreached peoples

* 1 initial church planter training for our participating pastors and 2 of their key people who will be trained in the church planter training

* Ownership being transferred to the Tanzanians as they co-teach with us in the vision casting conferences and church planter trainings

Please be praying with us as we move forward with these plans next year. God Bless!



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