Mountain of War

At the beginning of this month, Pastor Ron Jr, and his wife, Marion, flew in from the states to minister to the pastors that we have been working with in the south. The place where we have worked a majority of the time is a town called Mtwara. The Mtwara region has been considered and named worthless by many people over the years. The first president of Tanzania stated that nothing good could come from Mtwara, only laborers. God, however, is giving Mtwara a new name. When Marion saw the name of the place where they would be ministering she felt a stirring in her spirit that Mtwara stood for Mt. War, a mountain of war. The Lord spoke a mightily through Pastor Ron and Marion, in prophesying life over that region. God is raising up a mountain of war in an area that most people discount. He is raising up mighty warriors that are being equipped to pull down the strongholds of darkness that has held captive their region for many years. Please continue praying and believing with us for God’s word to come to pass for this region. Our Lord is mighty and He is raising up an army for His Name.

Enjoy some pictures from our time down there:

Mtwara Conference 002


Mtwara Conference 012

Mtwara Conference 027

Mtwara Conference 064

Mtwara Conference 105

Mtwara Conference 069

Mtwara Conference 070








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