The Power of Prayer

It is a principle of God that our prayers are effective. It is the lie of satan that says in our ear “can’t you see that your prayers have changed nothing.” While visiting our pastors in the south at the end of March, we heard a report of the fruit of many prayers. There is a particular people group in the southern part of Tanzania that has not been affected by Christianity, Islam, or any other religion. One of our pastor friends in the south felt the Lord, pushing him strongly towards working among that group. This man of faith did not have any money to go to this new area, but he began to fervently pray for this people group. Others partnered with him in this, including our team, which had been praying for this people group since 2005. Even though no one was able to go there, reports came back that, where there used to be no known Christians among that people group, that there were now over 30 known Christians. God is doing a work.

Psalm 2:8

“Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.”

Please continue to believe with our team in prayer that the gospel of Jesus Christ will impact every people group in Tanzania, especially the 31 that virtually have little or no access to it.

For more on that trip to the south you can click on the link for my teammates webpage, Charles and Sharon Woods.


One thought on “The Power of Prayer

  1. hmmmm so you DIDN’T learn how to ride a motorcycle? i only go by what i read on your blog.

    lovin u forever


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