Moyo Mmoja Christmas Bazaar

My neighbor, Alice, has a ministry school called Moyo Mmoja, which means “one heart.” The Saturday after Thanksgiving the school had a huge Christmas bazaar. Her school is training widows, single mothers, and girls that are unable to finish their eductaion, in different skills that they can use to start businesses. They made many beautiful dyed fabrics, hundreds of ornaments, as well as many other Christmas decorations. Here are some pictures from the event. My job was to take pictures of the event. It was really a great day. A lot of people and a lot of fun.
Emmanuel, Mzima, and Joel, in front of Moyo Mmoja
Alice and Mama Grace at the Moyo Mmoja table. On the right you can see all of the fabrics that they were selling.
Their Christmas Tree and the door prizes.
The registration table where you can be registered for door prizes.
Alice had her worker, Emmanuel, and 2 other Maasai, there for the day to help watch people cars while they were inside shopping. This was quite the site… our warrior Maasai with an umbrella to keep the sun off him, and the a purse, because one of the girls asked him to hold it. He is a great guy though and helped her out. There aren’t many guys out there that would be comfortable carrying a purse around. 🙂
Jill, Gaudy, and Iemkje. They were there selling food during the bazaar.
Here i am filling in for Peter while he is looking around. He was selling prints, and cards that he had painted and had prints made of. They are really nice.
My adopted brother, Peter

Me and Emmanuel

Joel and Me

Me and my favorite student, Mzima. 🙂 He is my only student, but my favorite non-the-less. 🙂


One thought on “Moyo Mmoja Christmas Bazaar

  1. Good pictures, Elisabeth!
    It’s great to see the different things you are doing and to see the pictures of your friends. Keep loving people…you’re doing a great job!
    Love, Mom

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