Christmas Decorating

The Monday after Thanksgiving, me, Emmanuel, and my girls decorated the house, made Christmas cookies, and watched the Roudolph claymation movie. Here are some pics. 🙂
Here is my boy, Emmanuel (Mzima). He was helping me make sugar cookies.
Emmanuel, Monica and Neema helped me decorate my tree. Thanks to Moyo Mmoja i was able to put more than three ornaments on my tree. 🙂

My tree… aint it perty?


One thought on “Christmas Decorating

  1. i’m sorry i’m so behind, dear girl! i had not read anything since your writing of oct. i am grateful that God kept you all safe & that His name was praised through your time of ministry w/ rodney & the woods. thanksgiving & cmas writings were good, as were all of the pictures, altho some did not show up (the massai holding an umbrella, e.g.). my thoughts & heart & prayers are with you. much love, aunt ci

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