First Fire of the Year

It appears as if the short rains have arrived here in Tanzania. In the past four days, it has not stopped raining but for a few hours here and there. It has been wonderful for all the plants. It has really cooled things off as well. Yesterday, it was so cold that i lit my very first fire in the fireplace here. Even with the fire, i had thick socks, my slippers, long pants, a long sleaved shirt and a sweatshirt on. It reminds me a lot of the fall back in Indiana. The difference is that after this rain, we will enter into the HOTTEST part of the year. 😀 Here is a picture of my fire. Not to bad, eh?
first fire of the


6 thoughts on “First Fire of the Year

  1. wow! that is so beautiful that it looks like a painting! 🙂 we are also into rainy, sweatshirt, fire in the fireplace weather. 🙂 unc budd has a fire going right now. we’re getting ready to leave for louisville for a few days. we’ll leave tomorrow after unc b returns from work. 1 of the sights we’ll see will be shaker village in berea, ky. there is a quilt exhibit on sunday. woo hoo! 🙂 love & miss you lots, lis! aunt ci

  2. Hey Elisabeth!
    That fireplace doesn’t look real, looks like an illustration out of an old book……how cool! One day I’m going to have a fireplace too….I’m so glad God blessed you with that! He does great things for us when He gives us things that aren’t “needs” but things that He knows will touch our hearts.
    Joy exaggerates.
    Love, Mom

  3. wow.. nice to know its cold there.. i am also here in tanzania.. (just in dar).. its hot here.. good to browse your site… =) inspiring. i like it

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