6 challenges to the enemy

To continue to give glory to God for the marvelous things He has done in the south, i will sum up the last few days of the conference. As i said before, the amazing openness of the pastors truly gave us an amazing expectation for the days to come. Even though i was excited, i knew that our desired outcome wasn’t going to come easily. As we focused specifically on certain people groups, we were presenting the enemy of our souls with a challenge for the lives of those who do not know Jesus Christ. We did not let up on our prayers, knowing that the adoption of the people groups was only the beginning of a battle for unreached/priority people groups. The last few days of the conference consisted of more teaching, tons of prayer, and some really good question and answer times. Pastor Dick impressed upon us the important need for balance: information, inspiration, and impartation. We have good amounts of all three of these and really saw the impact. On wednesday, the day before the pastors would be asked to partner together to adopt a specific people group we asked them to stand under the banner where they were feeling God was leading them to minister. We saw four solid groups surrounding 4 particular groups. Our hearts were encouraged that every pastor took part in this, but our hearts were still drawn for the remaining three groups that were not claimed by any of the pastors. That night when we were back at our hotel we prayed that God would lead each of these men according to His perfect will and not according to their own comfort zones, or according to what they are accustomed to. The next morning, one of the pastors that was apart of the committee that helped us set up the conference, came up to me and asked me about one of the groups that was not claimed the day before. In Swahili, he told me that out of fear of standing alone he stood with a different group yesterday. He told me that he spoke with his wife and together they decided that he needed to reach out to this certain group that is quite a distance away and is a dangerous and difficult group. He asked me if he could switch his group. I assured him that he would have the opportunity today to commit to a specific group. I was sooo encouraged by his obedience to the Lord and his openness to go to a group that was probably one of the most difficult to reach. The group he has committed to go to has been impacted by no religion at all… the Muslims are even frustrated at this peoples lack of response. They say they are muslim, but hold very tightly to their traditional beliefs. This day, every single one of the pastors adopted a specific people group. Six people groups were adopted… six challenges were made to Satan for the people groups that have been under his dominion for years. They met together as groups for the first time and began to strategize on how to reach their adopted people group for Christ. It was wonderful. We then spent time praying over and commissioning each group for the task that is ahead of them. Here are some pictures from these days:

matt teaching

prayer for the largest partnership… there are four groups, broken up by region, working to reach this group… five of the pastors in attendence were from this people group.

prayer/commissioning for the pastor who adopted a group by himself

praying for another partnership

our team with all of the pastors and helpers

God is truly amazing! We, as a team, thank you for all of your prayers and support for this conference… we truly saw God move in a mighty way. Please continue to pray… this is only the beginning… the line has been drawn and we are in a battle for these people. Please pray for us as we seek God as to the best way to follow up with these pastors to see these groups effectively reached.

For His Name and Glory alone!


One thought on “6 challenges to the enemy

  1. great news! the Spirit is moving throughout this world! all praise unto Him Who makes it all happen! love you lots! aunt ci

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