pHoTo TiMeLiNe… christmas and onward

Me and Jill… decorating her house for Christmas…
well at least we were supposed to be decorating
the house (not ourselves). 🙂

Mary and Lis Christmas day 2005
Mary and me… looking good Christmas morning at church.

Lil’ Frankie and me at the Emmanual Center New Years Eve.
Frankie is the youngest of 17 boys at my friend Jill’s center
for street kids.  All the boys are awesome.  🙂
Me and Even… one of the oldest boys at the center.
Here’s our cook man Frankie again, adjusting
his shades while bustin’ some mean dance

Only a few weeks after 7 interns came to work
with my friends Mary and Jill, Mary’s boy Peter 🙂
took us on a little trek through the rainforest.  It
was beautiful!
Here is us resting by a stream/river coming from Mount
Kilimanjaro.  We were able to drink straight from the
stream/river.  It was really nice. 🙂


All us girls lookin’ good.  1/2 of us had significant others
that weren’t able to be with them on V Day.  One lucky
one (Mary) had quite the suprise when Peter showed up
at her side 15 minutes after arriving.  He was supposed to
be on the way to Syria.

Jakaya, Aunt Cheri and myself here in TANZANIA.  My Aunt
Cheri, who is also Rodney’s mom, came to visit us for about
2 weeks in March.  Angela’s parents came at the end of
February as well.  Both family visits were such a blessing
to us. (Sorry. I don’t have any pics from the Schara’s
visit on my computer.) 😦


Lis and the Baby Twiga SMILE 4 06 Nairobi Kenya
“He just stuck his tongue out at you… are you gonna take
that” from a giraff?  🙂 While on a short trip to Kenya we
had a chance to feed giraffs.  It was really cool. 🙂

Mary N Lis HELLO  Nairbobi 4 06
Here is another shot with me and Mary feeding the giraffs.

Here’s my girl.  🙂 She has gotten soooo big.  She is
definitely an attention hog.  If Katie (Jemila’s puppie) gets
in the way while i am petting Noble, she will growl at her.
I have had to start carrying a shoe with me when I walk
between the houses in the morning to keep them from
tripping me up by running right around my legs.  At least
I know that they love me. 🙂

This was taken when we were out to lunch with
Pastor, Carole, Bob and Joyce Matthews,and
Matt Inama.  They came to see us on their way
to South Africa.  It was such an encouragement
and blessing to have them with us for a few days.

Here is our team with our Pastor Ron and his wife Carol…
They have been my pastors since I was 3 yrs old.  How is
that for long term committment. 🙂

Sorry i haven’t been better about getting pictures up.  This will improve. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed them.


That His glory might be displayed in Tanzania,


4 thoughts on “pHoTo TiMeLiNe… christmas and onward

  1. Loved the pictures. You look great! Looks like you have a lot of friends and that is great! Love you & miss you.

  2. Didn’t you know that I’d comment on you and the giraffes?! Oh how I love giraffes! I hope you sent them my love! hehehe… soon and you’ll be home, and then I’ll be able to find out all the secrets of the giraffes! *muahahahaha….*

    love ya!

  3. all your pics are great, lis! i especially enjoyed the cmas one…you look so pretty! thanks also for the update…..looking forward to getting to hug you in person soon. yes, there will be a july 4th family picnic here, so plan to attend! safe travels! much love, aunt ci

  4. tell mary her hair looks wonderful in that picture. i know her hair always looks good (or at least when i’ve seen it), but just something about it in that picture. i keep looking at it. lol? kinda weird..sorry.

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