this past month…

… has been a whirlwind.  A lot has happened, but the best thing about it is that we are moving forward with what God has for us to do here in Tanzania.  A few weeks ago, we found out that God was transitioning some members of our team back to the states for a while.  On May 24th, my cousin, Rodney, and his family will be returning to the states for an undetermined amount of time.  We are sad to see them leave but believe that God’s hand is in this completely and that He is directing this move.  From the time that I heard that, God placed an incredible peace in my heart regarding it.  He impressed upon me that He knew they would be returning home before we even moved to Tanzania and that He has already made provision for their absence.  Therefore, I have no need to fear.  

In this transition, however, I will not be able to remain on our current property.  A single girl in Africa, living alone, probably wouldn’t be the wisest thing.  But praise God, He opened the door for another housing situation.   Two of my really good friends, who are also missionaries, are in the midst of transition as well.  My friend Jill is in the midst of adopting 2 children, a brother and sister, and will be moving to a new home the beginning of September.  My other friend Mary, who is Jill’s roommate, will be getting married this fall and will be moving out in October some time.  This leaves their house vacant. The cool thing, timing wise, is that we are paid up on our property through the end of September.  After talking things over, I will be renting their house come September.  Even more awesome is that the house is on the same property as another missionary, Alice, and 5 of my Tanzanian friends.  I will be safe and be able to be social with out even leaving my compound.  This will also really help to improve my Swahili, since I will be able to hang out with them more. 

Some areas of prayer though.  This new house is quite a bit bigger than my old house and so is the rent.  In this transition, my rent will double, as will my utilities, and the cost for workers, since i won’t be sharing the cost anymore.  Please agree with me for God’s privision, which He has already promised. 

Another awesome thing is that we finally have dates set for our first adoption conference.  From July 31st thru August 3rd, we will be training and ministering to about 50-60 pastors in regards to their role in seeing the unreached reached in their country reached, the adoption of people groups, and methods to seeing a church planting movement take place within each of these unreached people groups.  Please pray for the pastors that will be attending, that God will impart into them His heart for the people groups of Tanzania.  Please also pray for unity among the pastors so that they can work together for the common goal of seeing churches planted in areas where the gospel has had no voice.  Please also pray for the unreached groups of Tanzania, that God would continue to open their hearts to the ones He is sending to them.  With the result of seeing salvation come to every tribe and tongue in Tanzania.  And not only that, but that through work that God has done amongst their land, that all that these churches would in turn reach out to the surrounding African nations and so on. 

Thank you all for standing in agreement with us in this.  Your prayers and support and helping to see this nation changed by the power of Jesus Christ. 

One more thing… I will be returning to the states briefly, from May 25th – July 17th.  I will be home for my sisters graduation, a friends wedding, and to raise more support for the conferences as well as living expenses.  Please pray for safe travels and for God’s divine appointments with people He has called to partner with me in this work in Tanzania.  I hope to be able to see most everyone while I am home. I love and miss you all and am looking forward to being able to spend time with you all. 

See you soon! God Bless!

Living to see others live,



2 thoughts on “this past month…

  1. i stared at first line of the post for probably around 5 minutes, just like “. . .has been a whirlwind.” i thought to myself “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!?!?!?”. lol. don’t worry, though, because i DID figure it out. you’re coming home for my graduation party? interesting.

  2. so what are your plans for june 24th – july 2nd?? we’ll talk! well… we’ll try to talk… the first time you called me back, yes, i was sleeping… and the second i was working *sad face* too bad i missed your call, but it was great to hear your voice! can’t wait to spend time with you! love you!!


    p.s. this girl that i know… i think her name is JOY… she rocks! haha Go Cubbies!

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