“a garment of praise for my heaviness”

hmmmm…. there have been numerous things going on in my life these past seven months of being here in Tanzania… and many of those things have really laid heavy on me these last few weeks specifically.  This past sunday (not yesterday, the one before) i was praying with worship music in the background.  I felt very distant from the Lord and even the verses that He brought to my mind didn’t seem to bring any comfort… “for i know the plans i have for you… to give you a hope and a future,” “I am the Lord your God, do not fear, i will help you,” etc. In the background i caught a portion of a song by Shane and Shane called Beauty for Ashes… “a garment of praise for my heaviness…”  and it rang so true in my spirit.  Because of Christ’s sacrifice, He has taken my heaviness and He has given me the ability to praise the Lord and trust in Him.  I took that moment to praise the Lord and thank Him that the answers i was seeking were coming… that i need not worry, or get anxious, or analyze everything on my own, all i needed to do was praise Him and trust that He will take care of it.  I felt the heaviness leave as i praised the Lord in the midst of it.  Be encouraged… He will take care of all of the millions of things that we fret over daily.  The little things are just as important to Him as the big things… praise Him and thank Him for what you may not yet see.   He is building my faith and i am thankful.  Please continue to pray for me and the rest of our team as we continue to move forward in seeing Tanzania transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Love and miss you all!  God Bless!


3 thoughts on ““a garment of praise for my heaviness”

  1. He is indeed worthy to be praised…even when it is difficult to do so. 🙂 our ladies’ at church began a beth moore dvd bible study on BELIEVING GOD last week. there are 5 basics that we are to remember & recite daily….(1) God is Who He says He is; (2) God can do what He says He can do; (3) I am who God says I am; (4) I can do all things through Christ; (5) the Word is alive & active in me. I am excited to see how the Lord is going to build our faith…..as He is building yours. 🙂 love you much & miss you too! aunt ci

  2. Hey Lizzie…
    What a beautiful testimony! I have also come to learn in this last year that whenever I have a need…whether financial or anything…He always grants my requests with more faith. And then with that faith, I walk as though I have what I cannot yet see…and then all of a sudden…it is there. Now my cry is always for more faith…because He has already promised that He would provide my every need.
    Love you, girlfriend…and I am so proud of you. Every day in Tanzania has been for a greater purpose than even reaching the 31 unreached people groups…it has been for His glory. He has ordained each one…and none have been in vain. He has been using the circumstances…which He knew would be there…to sharpen and refine and get you prepared for battle. In His perfect timing…it will all come together.
    Love you again…have a wonderful day!

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