Hello Everyone!

Hey everyone, I just realized that it has been a few weeks since I have been in contact with you all. Here is a brief update on Life…

Home Front:
Things are settling down now since little Jakaya was born. He is doing so well and getting big fast. 🙂 He is a doll. Below is a black and white pic of us. 🙂 Even with the black and white you can see how tan I am… 🙂 the sun here can drain you, but it does have some positive benefits. Don’t worry, I am not out in it ALL of the time… I am taking care of myself. So, yeah, anyways… this past few weeks has been packed. As a team we meet three times a week, getting things in order for our first conference. There are still materials that we have out that are being translated. Right now I am in the middle of converting PowerPoint slides into a format that can be put onto transparencies.

Personal Walk:
God has been really challenging me lately in regards to my ministry to Him. I have told this to some of you, but during worship at church a few weeks ago two people heard the same word from the Lord regarding our worship. Here is the gist: We have come before God in worship and have been filled. But He wants us to go deeper in our worship. We filled ourselves but He wasn’t full yet. The call was to minister to Him in our worship. It really struck me how daily I come before the Lord desiring to be filled and for Him to meet my needs without a thought of ministering to His needs. He desires for us to come before Him for the purpose to be close to Him. Many times we come before the Lord with our hands out not to embrace Him but to take from Him. Like I said, it really cut me to the heart and showed me my need to come before the throne of my heavenly father to minister to Him by just desiring to be with Him. My prayer has been, Lord show me how I can minister to you. Through our intimacy with the Father, He takes care of our needs. My little sister reminded me of something I had told her in the past regarding trying to manipulate God. We say, “Lord, I’ll fast if you give me an answer to this.” or “Lord, I’ll pray every day, if you’ll help me with this one thing.” The reality is that He desires to fill us, help us, minister to us, answer our questions… but all of those things come out of a relationship with Him. The things are good, fasting, praying, etc. But we need to come to God for the purpose of drawing closer to Him, not to get Him to do what you want Him to do. God has been challenging me to be Him focused and not Me focused. 🙂 That isn’t very easy. I rely a lot on myself at times and He is teaching me to rely on Him.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray that God will continue to give us favor as we meet with different pastors in the Kilimanjaro area that He will raise up a host pastor for our first conference here in Moshi.
Please pray that God will guide us in His timing, giving us direction in every detail surrounding these conferences. Please pray for health for our team. Each one of us has been sick in these past two weeks. Please pray that God will bring pastors that have a heart for their country, a heart to serve, and a vision for the unreached in their nation.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. It is a blessing to have such a strong support group back home. Your encouraging e-mails are always a blessing. I love you all and look forward to seeing as many of you as I can while I am home in May and June. God Bless!

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