Ok… sorry it has taken so long, but here is the news you have all been waiting for.



Anywho… this past Saturday Rodney and I both signed a contract for the property that contains both of our houses. This is a completely different property than what i had mentioned in my last update and even better. Both houses are in good condition, a lot better than the houses we looked at previously. Thank God for answered prayers. He has supplied our needs above our expectations. Our landlady is really nice too. She was willing to work with us, gave us a great price and even brought in a bunch of furniture that she had for us to use (both houses were completely unfurnished). This was a huge blesssing and has enabled us to move in sooner and save some $$ on initial house setup. A lot more goes into getting a house and moving in that what i originally thought. When renting a house you have to go through everthing and make sure it work: water heaters, all the outlets, sinks, lights, etc. We had to look at all the windows to make sure the screens were in good condition (to keep out mosquitos/malaria) and arrange for screen doors to be put on the front and back door. We had to check the most previous utilities to make sure that there were no unpaid bills, which we would have to pay if we signed before finding out. We also had to check the hedge that surrounds our property to make sure there weren’t any holes or areas where theives could penetrate. Thats not all either. We still have to hire 3 workers for on the property. One day guard/ gardener, a lady to help in the house, and a night guard. With each of these we have to interview them and have them work for a few weeks to make sure they are a good fit for us and them. Please pray that God will lead us to the right workers that will be loyal, dependable, and honest. These are the people that will be in our homes and watching over our property. We need people with integrity.

We are hoping to get the keys to our houses today. The fundis (skilled workers) are supposed to be done today. We’ll see. :o) We were supposed to get the keys on Monday. Please also pray for favor as we get the rest of the things that we need for our houses. I will try and get picture on this soon as well. I have been having trouble uploading them.

Love you guys! God Bless!



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