9.20.05 – Joy = Strength

Saying Good-bye is always hard… but the Hello is something to look forward to.


God’s grace was sooo sufficient for our trip from Chicago to Moshi, Tanzania. We left at 1:45 Saturday the 17th, and arrived in Tanzania at 8:00pm (12:00pm/noon Central time). All three flights were great. In O’Hare we had a great time getting searched. Really! Because of the way that we purchased our tickets the airlines flagged us for SSSS… “super special security search.” That is my definition. All of us had a great attitude towards it. I was like… wow… I must be pretty special to get this kind of treatment. 😀 I got to chat with some other ladies that were just as special as me too. We had a good time with it. I think the airline personnel were pleased that we were having so much fun with it. Always an adventure. Our first flight to Detroit was a quickie. We were in the air about 45 minutes. We then waited in the Detroit airport for about 2 hours.



Me and Jemila had fun going on the moving walkways. She would go running down it and then stop and try to touch the glass on the side. Since it didn’t move but she was she would fall down. She thought this was funny. Or she would bend over and pick up imaginary items and hand them to me. My favorite though was when she would try to walk the opposite direction of moving walkway. A couple of times she would go faster than the walkway and get pretty close to the beginning, but eventually she would just fall on her butt and sit there as it carried her farther from the beginning. It was fun. :o)


Even though I intended to sleep on our second flight to Amsterdam, I stayed up doing crossword puzzles with the 50 year old business man that I was seated next to. That was fun. However, on the flight to Tanzania I was able to sleep about 3 good hours and watch Madagascar. We got into Tanzania just fine. Jemila did great on all of the flights.


All of our bags minus one arrived with no problems. The missing bag was located in Amsterdam and will arrive today most likely. Brian and Janine Weaver, and Alice Limpert, all with Fire International, met us at the airport.


It was great to see them. We loaded all of our bags into the minibus and went to Mary and Jill’s house (also with Fire International and the ones I went to Egypt with :D). These ladies were gracious enough to let us stay in their home while they are in the states on furlough, until we get our housing situated. God had worked out every detail for us. They had room for all of us to stay comfortably. Gaudy, the girl that lives with them, had soup and rice ready for us when we got there. Mmmmm! It was sooo good to get some real food into our stomachs after that long journey. It was very delicious. After dinner and some visiting we were able to get to bed around 11:30/12:00 midnight. I was able to sleep in till about 11:00am… :o) Rodney and Angela were not as fortunate since Jemila was ready to get up at 7:00am or so. Charlie and Sharon had a little difficulty sleeping as well. At least they were able to rest some on the plane… :o)


We sat around a little bit until Brian and Janine came by to take us to look at a few houses. One of them would be perfect for Charlie and Sharon. It had a large area for a garden with an arched hedge that just screamed “Sharon.” The inside was beautiful and suited her tastes well. The second house would be great for Rodney, Angela, Jemila and myself. There are a few hang-ups on this one though. The biggest issue is that a guy just put a deposit down on it two days ago and is planning to sign the papers this Saturday. The second thing is that it would need a little fixing up before we could move in. The way we see it though is that it is all in God’s hands. If this house is for us then the deal with this other guy will fall through. If it isn’t for us, then God has something better. This I am totally fine with. God has given each of us on the team such a peace about the housing. We are waiting on His best for us. And we know that He wants to give us His best. Please pray that God will continue to give us clarity on the whole housing situation. We know it is in His control. That night we decided to just take it easy. We had a light dinner, sat around and talked, and then watched a movie. It was a good day. This last night was also a little better in the sleeping area for all of us I think. I was actually the first one up this morning. :o) I will keep you all up to speed on the housing. We would like to get it all settled before we leave for language school on the 24th of October. Please pray for this as well. Thank you so much for your prayers. We felt them. Please continue to pray.

Oh, and by the way. Today is Seth Crosby’s birthday. Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you!

Talk to you guys soon. God Bless!



3 thoughts on “9.20.05 – Joy = Strength

  1. hey, girlie! I’m glad you all made it well! I miss you and love you very much! Can’t wait to hear from you soon! Take care…


    p.s. ‘the check’s in the mail’ 😉

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