Reasons to PRAISE…

I love how God works. We officially have tickets to leave for Tanzania Sept. 17th. WAHOO! The even better part is that we ended up paying 1/2 of what was originally quoted for tickets to get there. 🙂 Our God is more than enough. Thank you all for your prayers. God is moving things in the physical and the spiritual. Another huge praise report is that we have housing when we initially get in country. Some very good friends of ours in Tanzania are at home in the states till November and are letting us use their home while they are gone. There is room for our entire team. 😀 This will give us the opportunity to get settled in and secure housing for ourselves when we get in country. God just continues to pour out His favor on us. So once again thank you for your prayers. They are still needed… 🙂 So please keep praying.

Please continue to pray:
* for the Priority People Groups by name.
* for the finances to come in completely.
* for the partnerships that are needed to see these PPG’s reached.
* against the false religions that hold these people captive.
* against the demonic powers and principalities that blanket Tanzania.

Thank you for being a part of changing a nation. If you would like to partner with me financially you can go to the support section on this web page or contact me through e-mail @
God Bless!

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