Egypt 4.10 – 4.21

So… Egypt was amazing. In the 12 days that we were there we did a total of 40 different things. We saw the pyramids, Sphinx, visited the temple of Ramses II, went to the bazaar, sailed around on the Nile in a felucca (traditional Nubian ship), went to Karnak Temple (the largest temple in Egypt), rode donkeys into the Valley of the Kings, went diving in the Red Sea, then returned to Cairo again to ride camels into the sunset overlooking the pyramids, and then some. God totally blessed us. We really felt like it was a kiss from God. It isn’t every day that one can just pick up and go. God opened all of the doors and gave us a great time. It is awesome that He cares even about these kind of things. I am very grateful. Following are just a few of the pics from our trip. Thanks for your prayers. Love you all!


lis and brutus
Me and Brutus, my camel that I rode overlooking the Pyramids

lis at Lake Naser
Me with Lake Naser in the background (largest man-made lake in the world)

me and laurie planet africa 

Me and Lauren Schara at Planet Africa, Cairo

me and mary shopping
Me and Mary Navarro shopping at the bazaar

me and pyramids
Me with the pyramids behind me 🙂


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