Last Day of the Internship – 4.8.05

Today is the last day of our African Internship, here in Tanzania. It seems now that the time has flown by… three months has already been whisked away. I am very pleased with what we have accomplished as a team. Each one of us have grown and learned a lot about ourselves and the part that we are going to play in this vision to see the 31+ Priority Peoples of Tanzania reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This last week we have been wrapping up all that we have done for the past weeks. We now have a plan that we believe the Lord has given to help train up the national church of Tanzania to begin to reach out the Prioirity Peoples in their regions. Our heart is to see them gain the heart of God for those in their own country who do not know Him. Please continue to pray for us as we begin to implement this vision. I hope only to be in the states for three months before getting back here. There is so much to be done and I am excited to get started. What is even more awesome is that there are already things in the works, things that we have already begun here, to get a jump start on this vision. I cannot wait to see it unfold and I cannot wait to share with you all what God has shown us. Please pray for me as I leave for Egypt tomorrow. (4.9.05) Thanks again for all of your prayers, love, and support. You guys are very much a part of the work that we are doing here. We could not be here without you guys. We are going to see a nation changed! Praise God! He is soooo good. I love you all and will talk to you soon. God Bless!



2 thoughts on “Last Day of the Internship – 4.8.05

  1. hey… only 9 days and i get to see you! i’m very excited! though it will probably not be until the 24th that i will get to see you… i think i had a brainfart and forgot to request off for the 23rd… ‘specially ’cause it’s passover and i’ve been planning on going to passover at the cohen’s house since like the beginning of the year… grr… silly me! well, i have a lot to talk to you about, so i can hardly wait to see you! i love you soooo much and am very proud of you!

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