The Road to Kiteto

This past week/weekend was an amazing one. We had the opportunity to go and stay at the Maasai boma (traditional home) of Kisioki, a young Maasai who our team met last summer. We left on Wednesday with hopes of getting to Kiteto by nightfall. This plan was thwarted when the road we were on ended in a maze of riverbeds. Accompanying this was the fact that one of our land rovers was overheating and not doing to well all around. We decided to head back to Arusha (the nearest big town) to rethink our path and to trade the vehicle for a working one. We start out again, Thursday morning, with a new land rover and the road that will really take us to Kiteto. The road is a dirt path that can barely squeeze two cars side by side. The ride could be compared to that of a rodeo, one of constant jolts. In all honesty, it was the bumpiest and most body jarring ride I have ever been on. 🙂 But it was also an exciting journey. Kisioki told us it would be about a 5-6 hour journey, but it ended up being 11 hours. 🙂 Being in the midst of the rainy season did not help much either. If the road was not bad enough already, torrents of rain created holes, deep ruts, and tire spinnin fun. 🙂 During one of these down pours the second land rover drove into a hole that was covered by water. It took about 20 guys (half of which were ours), a chain and our other land rover to get it out. Needless to say our guys were soaked to the bone and cold for the rest of the journey. Praise God there was a little Maasai town where they were able to buy some Maasai blankets to help keep warm. The rainy season definitely cools things off a bit here in Tanzania. We finally got to Kiteto after dark and set up our tents by flash light. It was quite the camping experience. The next day was an amazing one. In the morning they showed us the goat that was going to be our lunch. They slaughtered it in the morning and roasted it over open flame for a couple hours. We it was ready they led us to a little thicket where they separated the pieces of goat into two areas. Our area had two legs, a set of ribs and the liver… Mmmm. Kisioki started with the leg and cut off chunks at a time, handing pieces around the circle. He did this till all the meat was gone. It was definitely a cultural experience. After lunch we had a church service with all of the Maasai from that area. It was raining and we met under a tree near Kisiokis boma. There were about 50 people there. They had traditional Maasai worship which was amazing. It was great to worship with them the way that they do. We then had the opportunity to encourage them in the Lord. We talked about how they can have a real, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that He desires that relationship with them. Over 15 people committed their lives to Christ and over 20 recommitted themselves to the Lord. It was sooo awesome. God did great things among the Maasai that day. We left the next morning and arrived safely home that evening. Please pray for the Maasai. I believe that the Lord has great things in store for them.

Here are some pictures from our journey…

Here is a picture on the way…

road to kiteto

Here is a picture of our sleeping arrangements…


Here is a picture from the church service…


and a picture of me, Melekia and Anna…

me and maasai girls

Love you all!



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