Week of Islam – 3/20/05

Greetings to all! Another great week has gone by and there is another to come. This past week was the completion of our 8th week here in Tanzania. It is amazing to see how far I have come in my knowledge of the culture, language, and my surroundings. Looking back it is also easy to see how God has lead us and is continuing to lead us in this time of training. This past week Angela and I were able to bring Sharon and Debbie with us to spend time with the Aminas. The ladies accepted them just as they did Angela and I. We all had a good time together. Our focus this week was on Islam. Our conversations were stemmed more towards that during class time and we had the opportunity to learn more from our Somali friends about what they believe. We found out that they view Mecca in almost the same way that Christians view the Cross. They had a picture in their house of Mecca and under it said “Islam: The religion of peace, joy and security.” Angela asked younger Amina to explain it to her. From what we have always learned about Islam and from what they had told us before there was really no certainty of heaven for any of them… there was only a hope of the possibility of it. Amina explained that when one makes the pilgrimage to Mecca that it will wash all of their sins away. When they get to Mecca and go inside where the Kabah is, they will do all the prescribed actions. Walk around the Kabah 7 times, kiss the stone, and other things. And when they come out they are like a new born baby. No sins. I had never heard it put that way. I am expecting God to do great things through our ralationships here in Moshi. Please keep our team in your prayers as our time here is coming to a close. Talk to you all soon. God Bless!



One thought on “Week of Islam – 3/20/05

  1. Praise God for your laborof love.
    Wow, your conversation with the ladies concernig Islam reminded me of Paul’s conversation with the Greeks on Mars Hill and the monument to the unknown God. He used that to introduce Christ.
    Well, there is 100% assurance to heaven. JESUS the author and finisher of our faith!!! cool
    Blessings to all of you 🙂

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