Pictures… :o) 3/9/05

Greetings! Even though there isn’t any extrememly pertinent news i thought i should put up some pictures of random things that havent really fit into any of my other updates. šŸ™‚ So here you go!

These are from my visit to the maasai boma…

Here are some of the maasai ladies doing a traditional song and dance…

maasai song and danceĀ 

Here my beautiful maasai girl again…

maasai girl

This is one of the maasai boys…

maasai boyĀ 

This is his dad… šŸ™‚

maasai dad 1

I know this picture looks fake, but i really took it… these are two maasai girls from the church we went to…

maasai girls

This is not from our maasai trip… šŸ™‚ This is me carrying Jemila like an african mama…

carrying mila africa style

Hope you liked the pics. God Bless! Love you all!



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