A Needed Day of Rest

Hello again… i am sure that you are all shocked that you are getting another update so soon. My recent pattern has been less than regular i know. 🙂 Today our team decided to take a trip to a local waterfall for a day of much needed rest… the only downfall is that getting there was less than restful. Our week was very good, but very packed with language learning, cultural learning, class time, and relationship building (which was very fun). One Friday i got to meet the women in Achmed’s (a Somali man that we met at Shukran Snacks) family. Mr. Fredericks introduced me to him on Friday and told him that i wanted to learn more about the Somali culture and would like to learn how to cook Somali food. He asked Achmed if he knew of any Somali women who wouldn’t mind doing that. Achmed was then very pleased to intorduce me to his wife, Amina, who only speaks Somali, his mother, who is very sweet and also only speaks Somali. He then took us down the street to his home to meet his older sister, Amina, and her two daughters, Amina (she speaks very good english… yeah!) and Mariam. As you can tell Amina is a common name 😀 The ladies were very happy to meet me and said that would be very happy to teach me how to cook Somali. So on Monday Angela, Jemila, and i will get to go over there. I am excited to see what God does with our relationship. They all seem very sweet and i look forward to getting to know them. 🙂 I’ll be sure to put up pictures when i get some.

Like i said, it was a very good but tiring week. I do have pictures from today though. We drove abotut and hour and a half to get to the base camp for the climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro… we thought there might be some trails and such, but there wasn’t much unless we wanted to actually climb the mountain. So we went down to a town called Marangu where there is a waterfall. I wasn’t sure if our little bus would make it up the dirt path to get us there. Slowly but surly we did make it. 🙂 It was very beautiful… (Antonio you would have loved the geology :D)

Here is a picture of our team in front of the Marangu waterfall…

Here is the falls with the stream and pools that come from it…

Man! God sure did a good job… 🙂

Here is me and Danny chillin’ on a rock…

and me standing in the stream on a rock…

It was nice to get away as a team. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. I hope all of you are well. Please continue to pray for our team that we will have favor as we continue to build relationships with the Somalis here in Moshi. Love and miss you all! God Bless!


Here is a wonderful delicacy that we have had the opportunity to take part in… the Shukran Special.. :D:D:D It may not look very good, but my goodness it is yummy…

It is a mixture of bananas, mango, and watermelon with a sweet avacado sauce… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…(*sigh*) i will miss it when i come home… hopefully the girls will teach me how to make that kind of a delicacy…:D:D:D


2 thoughts on “A Needed Day of Rest

  1. heyyyy…sorry i didnt answer, but i was out for my hour run/walk. (80% walking, 20% running). looks like u have a lil 6pack going in that picture. yah yah. lol sooo definitely laughed at the “amina” thing..good one. it was almost as funny as when mom called dean nelson’s daughter, ARmani. wow. anyway. i love you, too. i must go start my [Cinderella] chores…bye

  2. I just love getting your updates and hearing what you are doing and seeing your pics! I miss you terribly. We will have to have a luncheon when you return to sample all that you learned how to make. I just love different foods!
    Love to all,

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