Update from these past few days… sorry

Habari Gani! I am well. Many apologies for not updating until now. It has been a busy but good week.
This past Saturday i had the opportunity to join some of my single, female, missionary friends (Jill and Mary) were going to minister to the children in a Maasai village. There were over 80 kids there and we had a great time. Some friends of Jill, from Rhode Island, were with us too. Brent, the dad, told the story of when Jesus told the little children to come to Him. He also told the story of when God spoke to Samuel. Brent did a really good job of showing the kids how Jesus wants to talk to them and that he has a plan for their lives. After the lesson we got to play with the kids… which i love. 😀 We also got to go to a traditional Maasai Boma (village) which i talked a little about in my quick update. The Maasai are great people… beautiful inside and out.
Monday, Tuesday and Today were full days. We have had the task of going out into the community to see where the different tribes are located throughout the city. We were looking for a concentation of Somali people in particular. Rodney, Angela, Jemila, and myself have been focusing on an area called Dar es Salaam St. We met a lady named Bibi (swahili for Grandmother) Anna on Tuesday, who was very helpful in our task of learning about the tribes that live in that community. We found out that area consists Chagga, Pare, Somali and Swahili tribes. Bibi Anna is from the Chagga tribe. We are continuing to reasearch the area and pray that the Lord will lead us to the people that we need to talk to. Please pray that the Lord will give us favor as we continue to meet new people and build relationships.
I think that is about all for right now… i am getting sleepy. I will write more later. Love you all! God Bless!



2 thoughts on “Update from these past few days… sorry

  1. that sounds awesome! i’m so proud of you, lis! elizabeth said hi tonight when i was at barnes with the girls and asked how you were… love you! i’ll talk to you soon!

  2. Hey Lis! I just love reading your updates. Every time you email saying that you have a new update I can’t wait to read it. I am so jealous that you are there, but am so extremely proud of you for following the Lord’s call on your life. I am praying for you and will be praying for the Masaai and Somali people you will be working with. May the Lord cause you to be fruitful in your harvest!

    Love you sweetie.
    Sandy Koselke

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