tHE gREEN mILE… the goats long walk… :(

WARNING!!! The following material is not suitable for audiences under the age of 13… please view the following materials with caution…

As part of our team building/cultural experience out team had the task to buy a goat, slaughter it (the boys job) and then prepare African Goat Stew (the girls job). The guys left at 7 am, this morning, to go to the goat market…

Around 8:30 they returned with our goat… Here is the goat on its long walk…

The guys went into the backyard to perform the proper procedures on the goat…

Here is Charlie sharpening the necessary tool…

Please do not get the wrong idea… the guys did not derive any pleasure in performing this duty… us girls were proud of them for handling it so well and even more glad that we didn’t have to do it.

Here is a picture of our goat after the guys sent it to heaven…
don’t worry, the goat got saved before it flew into the sky… 😉

Here is a picture of Rodney correctly dressing the goat (at least i think that is what it is called)…

Here is Rodney finalizing the meat that us ladies will have to work with for Friday nights dinner…

I’ll let you know how the stew turns out. 🙂

I hope this didn’t put a sour taste in any of your mouths. What the guys did and what us girls will have to do is a very normal occurrence here in Africa. We had the opportunity to be able to know another part of the culture first hand.

The following picture is of one of our workers, Eric, with a drum that he made from the goat skin… they are very clever with using as much of an animal as possible so that nothing goes to waste…

That is all for today… i will update you on less graphic subjects later. Love you all! God Bless!



3 thoughts on “tHE gREEN mILE… the goats long walk… :(

  1. mmmm… yeah, i’m still hungry!! really… ok, so my step-dad is a hunter, so i’m used to that kind of stuff… no biggie!! i hope the stew is good tonight!! love ya!

  2. k kirsten..first of all, you’re sick..second of all, no. “the green mile”? do u think this is all a big joke lis? u just had a picture of a dead goat on ur website…seriously.

    anyway. (xanga rocks) thank u so much for that story…now i can go 2 school. lol i love u schizo!

  3. Wow – Lis – I’m sure glad the goat was saved! It’s easier in the states when you just go to the meat counter and don’t have to think about the reality of something having to die to get there. Love ya & I hope it tastes good.

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