SuNdAy – 1/30/05

Habari Yako! (Swahili Greeting)

Today was a great day! It is always great to be able to praise and worship in another language. Even though we don’t speak the same language we still are worshiping the same God. :o) Today’s message was really good… Brian Weaver, with Fire International, spoke on being in the correct position for God to use you. This message spoke to me right where i am at right now and so i am going to share it with you. There were 6 points:
1. Return to your first love: This was basically talking about going back to what you did when you first got saved… so many times we get so caught up in the doing that we forget about our true love relationship with Jesus Christ. He sited Revelation 2, regarding the word for the church of Ephesus.
2. Re-prioritize your life: basically put God first in your life. Make sure His purposes and plans are foremost in your life.
3. Know what God thinks of you: This refers to what God has promised you and what He has said you are according to the Word of God.
4. Be able to fight for what you have been given: Once the Lord has given you a promise or met you in some way, the enemy of our souls will test that belief. We have to be able to stand firm in what the Lord has called us to.
5. Have total trust and dependance in God: I think this is pretty self explanitory. We have to learn to lean on Him even when we feel confident in ourselves.
6. Walk in faith: This is a life of faith. We are not always going to be able to see what the Lord is doing, we have to trust and walk in faith, believing on the Lord.

This whole message ministered to me. I had found myself getting caught up in doing and had been neglecting just being with the Father. Our time with our Lord is so vital to our walk as Christians. Please take the time to read the Word and talk with God. A relationship is built by spending time with one another.

I hope all is well with everyone. Please know that you are all very dear to my heart. I appreciate your love, support, and prayers. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments or prayer requests. Love you all very much!

Mungu Akubariki! (God Bless You!)


P.S. Every cloud has a silver lining…


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