Cooking for 18 – 1/28/05

Today we had the entire Fire International team over for dinner. We decided to cook Mexican, becuase it is not something that is readily avaliable here in Tanzania. Mrs. Fredericks brought taco seasoning from home, so we made tacos, using chapati (a traditional flat bread in Tanzania). I made the refried beans and spanish rice. The beans turned out great but the rice was another story… i’ll have to work on that one. We also made fresh guacamole and fresh green beans. The Fire Int’l team really enjoyed it.

Here is a picture of me trying to fix the spanish rice on a kerosene burner.

Sharon made apple crisp and we had vanilla ice cream with it. That was a treat! 😀
We had a really great time of fellowship with our guests. It is truly a blessing to be able to work with them.

And for my Barnes Girls (Zahra and Elizabeth), we had some African Autumn tea while we sat and talked after dinner. It made it feel like home. Miss you guys!

Here is a picture of me and my girls the day before i left… love you!

Have a great weekend! Love you all!



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