Today was a little more relaxed than the past few. We had already finished our scavenger hunt so we just had to catch up on some required reading and run a few errands. Therefore, this entry will be quite a bit shorter. However, i have good news… 😀

pIcTuReS!!! So here you go!

Place of Residence

Welcome to our house in Tanzania. The first thing you will see as you come through the gate is our courtyard/ front porch

…and patio.

As you walk onto the patio there is a door to your right. You walk through the door and walk past a bathroom, stairwell, and bedroom. Right past that on your left is the living room

…and as you keep walking forward you enter right into the kitchen. Here is Sharon making some lunch.

If you back up you will find a doorway to your right, across from the living room. This doorway leads you into the computer room (Praise the Lord! We have wireless), which actually doubles as Jemila’s feeding room. 🙂

Crossing the room, you turn left through a doorway that leads to a hallway. On your immediate left is a bedroom. As you keep walking the hallway turns right. Following that you see a door on the right… That’s my room! 🙂

The door at the far side of my room enters into my bathroom that i share with Rodney and Angela. Fairly nice. 🙂 Praise the Lord for water heaters. 🙂

If you go up the stairs and out onto the balcony this is what you would see…

Hello Mt. Kilimanjaro! :D:D:D


Me at Home

Here are two pictures of me at the house…


And last but not least…..


The following images are not suitable for persons with weak stomach or children under the age of 13… 🙂 Please view with discretion…

These are the chickens that we bought live and had slaughtered in the Market yesterday… They didn’t make too bad of a chicken and rice soup. 🙂


“Thank you for joining us today for our picture tour. I hope you had a pleasant journey. Please come again.” :o)



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