Scavenger Hunt: Day 2 – 1/26/05

Today we finished up our scavenger hunt around the town. We found the Siima clinic, found out that the price of floppy discs were 600 ts (Tanzanian Shillings), and purchased a live chicken (kuku) and had them butcher it (we learned some fun words with that too. :o) I think the live chicken was probably the most interesting thing we have had to get. People in the market are now starting to recognize us. One guy always finds us as soon as we get to the market. Not that we don’t stick out, but he always manages to find us shortly after we get there. He has been a big help. The Tanzanian people really like when we use the little bit of Swahili that we know and when we try to learn more. After we got home from our scavenger hunt, Rodney, Mr. Fredericks and I walked to the Primary School that is down the block from us. It is am integrated blind school. They have around 800 students, 29 of which are blind. We met a few of the teachers. They were all very nice. Sarah, one of the teachers, showed us the kitchen. It is an 18×18 foot room with a huge hearth/oven type area. The hearth is about waist high and has four huge holes (about 2 feet in diameter and 2.5 feet deep) in the top, the size of huge cooking pots. The fire is built underneath the pots. The most interesting thing about it though is that they have 2 women who cook for around 800 students in that kitchen. All from scratch. :o)Now that is impressive!

Here is a picture of the hearth/oven

That’s it for now. Talk to you all soon. God Bless!



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