Scavenger Hunt – 1/25/05

Today was a lot of fun. Our team was split into two groups and were sent out to find a list of things using swahili primarily. I was with my cousin Rodney, his wife Angela and their baby girl Jemila. We had to find different places (Shukran Snacks, Post Office, the Coffee Shop, Clocktower roundabout, bus station), items (computer disc, Mwogo – type of root), and buy certain things (African tooth brush – which is actually a type of stick that they chew on, wash rags, fingernail brush, hand broom, Kiswahili-English Dictionary, Swahili bible). It was a challenge but we learned alot. We also had to use two different types of transportation. The daladala is van type thing that holds way more than capacity and we also used Taxi’s. Tomorrow we have to find the Siima Clinic and buy a live chicken (which we are supposed to have for dinner).:) That will be fun too. Here are some pictures from today. God Bless!

Clock Tower Roundabout

Me at the Post Office, mailing Rodney and I’s postcards

Moshi Bus Stand

Me in a Taxi 🙂

Talk to you soon!



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