Departure for Tanzania

Well, there is quite a bit to update from last week. My car is fixed, Praise the Lord…:) I am actually pretty tired right now…only got about 2 hours of sleep. 🙂 I guess that comes from waiting to pack till the night before you leave. 🙂

So how do i feel about leaving today?

Well, i’m kind of in a daze (partially from sleep deprivation). It was easy to talk about, but now that it has actually come it is a little bittersweet. I am so blessed with great family and friends that love me, and i am going to miss you all terribly… but still on the other hand i am so excited to be stepping into what i know that God has called me to do for this time and season of my life. I have great expectations for these next three months and for the next three years. I know that the Lord is going to have His way and i am excited to be apart of what He is doing in the world today. I’ll keep you all updated as the trip unfolds. Love you and hope to hear from you all soon. God Bless!



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